[FUN_Mail] Too many emails? Switch to Digest Mode and other tips

Calin-Jageman, Robert rcalinjageman at dom.edu
Wed Mar 27 17:17:02 EDT 2013

Personally, I'm happy to see the listserv immediately sparking useful discussion about programs, growth, assessment, etc.   But if drinking from the fire hose of the FUN listserv has left you with inbox bloat, here are some ways to keep things to a reasonable level:

* Switch to digest mode.  Rather than get messages email-by-email, the listserv can send you a daily digest of activity on the listserv.  That's right--just one email a day.  To do this,  visit this webpage: http://lists.funfaculty.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/fun_mail  From there, you'll be asked to login with your email address and password (the password was in the original email announcing your subscription, but there is an easy password reminder box at the bottom of the form).  Once logged in, you'll see the option to switch to digest mode.

* Set up a filter - set up a filter that automatically moves listserv messages to a separate folder for later review.  All emails are from fun_mail at lists.funfaculty.org and have [FUN_Mail] pre-pended to the subject line

* Monitor the online archive - all posts to the listserv are archived on the FUN website: http://www.funfaculty.org/drupal/mailarchive/FUN_mail  .  So if the influx really becomes too much, you can unsubscribe and check in on the discussion periodically via the fun website.  Unsubscribe from here: http://lists.funfaculty.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/fun_mail .



Bob Calin-Jageman
Neuroscience Program Director
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Dominican University
rcalinjageman at dom.edu

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