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Hi Carol,

Raddy's paper and Mike/Jean/Jan's paper that others have mentioned would
be really useful in your argument. I published a piece on the role of
neuroscience in the liberal arts that you may find useful.


You may also find some useful information that came out of the FUN
Workshop held at Davidson:


Good luck!


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On 3/27/13 2:07 PM, "Carol DeVolder" <devoldercaroll at gmail.com> wrote:

>This listserv comes at a wonderful time. I am currently the primary
>member for a small Behavioral Neuroscience program. My dean would like to
>eliminate the program due to low enrollment. It is currently a subset of
>psychology, but I hope to make it interdisciplinary. I've considered
>sources such as the Macalister Report, other schools' curricula, and
>trends. What I'd like now is some logical arguments as to why we should
>eliminate this program and instead work to strengthen it. I hope I'm not
>being too vague, I feel like I'm just shouting into the wind and would
>appreciate the advice.
>Carol DeVolder, Ph.D.
>Professor of Psychology
>St. Ambrose University
>518 West Locust Street
>Davenport, Iowa  52803
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