[FUN_Mail] Contribute a review to ERIN and win an iPad Mini: CONTEST STILL OPEN!

Richard Olivo rolivo at smith.edu
Thu Mar 28 16:27:37 EDT 2013

The high level of activity on the new FUN mailing list is a reassuring
indicator that members of FUN are interested in helping each other. There
is another way they can do this: by contributing reviews of teaching
materials to the Society for Neuroscience's web portal for higher
education, Educational Resources in Neuroscience (ERIN).

The message below was sent to the old FUN list at Bowdoin, but it did not
reach many current members. I'm repeating it here with some additional
information: the Society for Neuroscience is willing to keep the lottery
open until 50 new reviews have been received, at which point the contest
will close. This means that FUN members have an excellent chance (1 in 50)
of winning an iPad mini! These are much better odds than many things in
life. Read on (below) for details....

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Dear FUN Colleagues,

If you are a member of the Society for Neuroscience, you can win an iPad
Mini by contributing a review of materials you use in your teaching. SfN
has announced a lottery:

*Win an iPad Mini! Contribute a review to ERIN, SfN's Web portal for
Educational Resources in Neuroscience.*

ERIN lists hundreds of resources for higher education that were selected by
ERIN's board of editors. The resources span diverse topic areas, and
include videos, images, software, textbooks, and many other media. ERIN
also includes reviews by faculty who have used a resource in their
teaching, but it needs more reviews.

To encourage the submission of additional reviews, SfN is offering a
reward: if 50 new reviews are received, one review will be chosen at random
and its author will receive an Apple iPad Mini. Reviewers may suggest a new
resource not yet listed in ERIN before reviewing it, and they may review
more than one resource to increase their chances of winning. Reviews must
describe the strengths and weaknesses of a resource in the context of a
course in which it was used. Reviews need not be lengthy, but they must be

Go to erin.sfn.org today, log in as an SfN member, and submit a review that
will help your colleagues improve the quality of their teaching -- while
also improving your own chances of winning an iPad Mini!

I will add that ERIN was proposed, designed and staffed by FUN members --
who often are the SfN members most concerned about effective teaching. You
can find resources of a given type already listed in ERIN by using the
Advanced Search dropdown panel. For example, choosing "Book - Textbook" as
the Resource Type, while leaving all other fields blank, will produce a
list of textbooks already listed in ERIN. (More than 20 are already there.)
If a book you use is listed, review it; if it isn't, submit it as a new
resource and then review it. Other resource types include video clips,
software, lab exercises, and many others. Tell other people what to use or
avoid when they plan their courses by describing the strengths and
weaknesses of a resource in the context of a course that you teach. This is
another way for FUN members to seek and provide advice to each other.

Incidentally, if you are not a member of SfN, you can still access ERIN,
which is open to the world to read and search.

With best wishes,

Richard F Olivo, PhD
Professor of Biological Sciences and Neuroscience, Smith College
Project Director, Educational Resources (ERIN), Society for Neuroscience
    44 College Lane, Smith College, Northampton MA 01063
    413 585-3822  •   http://tinyurl.com/bio300http://erin.sfn.org

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