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Please note that my address and phone number have changed.  My office is
now in McGowan North - 106:

Dorothy Kozlowski Ph.D.
Professor - Department of Biological Sciences
DePaul University
McGowan North 106
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>Dear FUN members,
>It was great seeing you all at the workshop in Ithaca earlier this month.
> As always, I learned so much and felt, as Julio suggested at "Home" with
>you all.  My goal in attending the workshop was to gather data on
>creating Neuroscience programs within institutions and then to come back
>to DePaul and convince our Dean that DePaul needed a program. I left the
>workshop energized, with a great sales pitch in hand.
>I'm happy to say that the Dean was very supportive and excited and I now
>have his support to form a committee to create a proposal for a
>Neuroscience major.  I'm very excited.
>So that's why I'm reaching out to you.  At the workshop, I gathered many
>"best practices" of programs and tips on approaching administration which
>were very helpful.  I am now asking if you all could help in another way.
> For those of you whose institution has a neuroscience program/major,
>would you please be willing to share your learning goals and curriculum
>with me.  Feel free to send links to websites or documents, etc.
>whatever you're willing to share.  I'd like my committee to see how other
>successful programs work as we develop ours.
>Thanks for a great workshopŠit definitely lead to something big here at
>Please note that my address and phone number have changed.  My office is
>now in McGowan North - 106:
>Dorothy Kozlowski Ph.D.
>Professor - Department of Biological Sciences
>DePaul University
>McGowan North 106
>2325 N. Clifton
>Chicago, IL 60614
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