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Hi all,
I am not sure if the flyer I attached just doesn’t get sent out with an email to the listserv so I attached it again as a pdf and I copied the text below. I also posted it on the FUN website for your reference. Thanks for your interest!

[X]Neuroscience Case Study
Development Group

•  Teaching with cases: Using a case or story to frame your teaching objectives is a flexible and powerful technique. Although first pioneered in Business and Law schools, teaching science with cases helps students master new concepts, retain new information, and develop critical thinking skills. (See http://sciencecases.lib.buffalo.edu/cs/about/ and http://www.udel.edu/inst/why-pbl.html)

•  Who we are:  Leah Roesch and Kristen Frenzel are both teaching faculty in the Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology (NBB) Program at Emory University. We have experience writing, modifying and using case studies to teach at a range of educational levels, including advanced majors, freshmen, non-majors and high school students.

•  What is the Science Case Network (SCN): “the SCN supports a community of science educators, learners, researchers, developers, and professional organizations interested in furthering the accessibility, development, and use of cases and problem based learning (PBL)” (from http://sciencecasenet.org/)

•  What are the goals of SCN fellowship: We’ve been awarded an NSF fellowship to recruit and support a group of faculty who are interested in developing and modifying cases for use in neuroscience courses.

•  Expectations for 2014-2015:

o   Group leaders (Drs. Roesch and Frenzel) will meet regularly with group members to mentor and facilitate the development of cases specific to group members’ needs.

o   Group members will write a new case or modify an existing case through the Fall semester (2014).

o   Group members will finalize the case studies based on leader and peer feedback and prepare them for publication in the Spring semester (2015) in an online book form and via the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science (http://sciencecases.lib.buffalo.edu/cs/)

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