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The FUN Public Policy and Governmental Affairs Committee is forwarding this important Action Alert to you.

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Julio Ramirez
Chair, Public Policy and Governmental Affairs Committee

This Thursday, September 18, over 300 medical research advocates will descend upon Washington, DC...

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Your Action Is Needed!
Tell your elected officials to pass an omnibus spending bill

There is only one week left to act. If you have not contacted your member of Congress, please act now. An Omnibus Appropriations bill is the best option for a funding increase for the NIH and NSF in FY2015. This issue is far from settled, so it's very important that your voice be heard.

The government is currently being funding by a continuing resolution (CR) that expires on December 11, 2014. A CR allows the government to continue operations under the previous fiscal year levels, in this case, FY2014. The CR is in effect because Congress did not pass the 12 individual appropriations bills needed to fund the government on October 1, the start of the new fiscal year.

To fund the government for FY2015, Congress is considering three options as ways to fund the government:

  1.  Pass a year-long CR. That would leave agency funding at the FY2014 amounts for the remainder of FY2015.
  2.  Wrap all 12 individual appropriations bills into one big appropriations bill called an Omnibus Appropriations bill.
  3.  Split the difference and pass several of the appropriations bills as part of a year-long CR and the other half of the appropriations bills would be rolled into an omnibus bill. This funding tool is being called a CRomnibus.

The CLS strongly believes that the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation will have the greatest chance of seeing necessary funding increases for 2015 if Congress passes the Omnibus Appropriations bill for FY2015.

Please urge your Members of Congress to support NIH and NSF funding by passing an Omnibus Appropriations bill for FY2015. We need Congress to support, at a minimum, $32 billion for the NIH for FY2015 and $7.4 billion for the NSF, the level included in the House-passed FY2015 Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriation bill.

  *   The CLS has posted a sample letter. You can use it as is, print out and post on your own letterhead, or edit the document on the CLS page.
  *   Simply visit http://capwiz.com/jscpp/home. At this site, follow the step-by-step instructions for calling/emailing your Congressional representative.
  *   At the above website, enter your zip code and you will be given the name and contact information for your Member of Congress.

Please share this action alert with your colleagues, family, and friends. Post on your Facebook page, twitter account, or other social media outlet. Now is the time to act. Your voice does matter!


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