[FUN_Mail] FUN Newsletter - President's Message and Conversation

Jeffrey Smith jsmith12 at svsu.edu
Wed Jun 25 11:33:08 EDT 2014

Dear FUN Friends,

In our most recent newsletter I opined about concerns I have, and believe many of you may share, about the current and potential future of the training of our current (and future) generation(s) of neuroscientists. Since many of our colleagues at research-centered institutions are mulling these concerns from the perspective of the PI/Research Scientist viewpoint, I feel it might be worthy to think about a potential position paper from the undergraduate/student mentor perspective.

It is my hope that after reading my comments in our current newsletter (http://www.funfaculty.org/drupal/sites/funfaculty.org/files/fun%20newsletter%20v02%20e01%20-%20d4.pdf) it may generate discussion that could be used as fodder for additional conversation at our workshop in Ithaca. Then, if the interest is there and we are able to come to a consensus about our role in the future training of neuroscientists, we may then move on to several of us collaborating to craft a position paper to add to the national conversation. 

Though ambitious as this might sound I feel that if we simply watch what is going on without inserting our voices, our students might not have the same opportunities as we did. 

So, feel free to simply respond to this message (reminder: your responses will go out to the entire mailing list) and we can have an ongoing conversation leading up to our meeting in August.

Best to all and I look forward to hearing all of your perspectives!


Jeffrey S. Smith, Ph.D. 
President, Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience 
The Malcolm and Lois Field Endowed Chair in Health Sciences 
Department of Health Sciences 
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