[FUN_Mail] Programs offered by Teaching and Research in Natural Sciences for Development in Africa (TReND)

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Sun Nov 2 13:13:25 EST 2014

Dear FUN colleagues,

I¹m an advisor for an NGO, Teaching and Research in Natural Sciences in
Africa (TReND, http://trendinafrica.org/). TReND promotes natural sciences
teaching and research in Africa.

The organization has two programs that may be of interest to FUN members:
one is an equipment donation program, and the other is an exchange program
designed to facilitate short teaching visits to African Universities.

A pdf with further information on both programs is attached. I would be
most grateful if you could post these announcements in your departments
and/or pass along to any individuals who may be interested.

Thanks in advance,

Stefan Pulver

Stefan Pulver
Janelia Farm Research Campus
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
19700 Helix Dr
Ashburn, VA 20147
tel: (571) 209-4000 ext 3297
pulvers at janelia.hhmi.org

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