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Dear Faculty of Undergraduate Neuroscience members,
My name is Kelly Seagraves, and I am a new graduate student member of the FUN community. I am finishing up my graduate work, and have begun my search for a postdoc position. Based on my past experience teaching undergraduates, I am interested in exploring postdoc opportunities that have a teaching component (like the NIH-funded IRACDA program, for example). Unfortunately, I'm finding it difficult to search out these types of opportunities, as they seem to be very university/institute specific.
Therefore I'm polling the FUN listserve to see if anyone aware of teaching-postdoc programs would be willing pass their information along?
I'm more than happy to share a compiled list with anyone who is interested, or discuss these opportunities at the up-coming Society for Neuroscience meeting.

Many thanks,

Kelly Seagraves
Janelia Graduate Scholar (HHMI)
University of Cambridge
seagravesk at janelia.hhmi.org<mailto:seagravesk at janelia.hhmi.org>

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