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Tue Oct 7 11:51:43 EDT 2014

The 2014 Election for FUN Officers and Councilors is now complete.  

We would like to thank all nominees for their interest and wiliness to run for Officer or Councilor. The willingness of our members to become more deeply involved in FUN is one of the things that makes this an exceptional organization.

2014 Election Results:
President-Elect: Amy Jo Stavnezer
Treasurer-Elect: David Jewett
Councilor: Hewlet McFarlane, Veronica Acosta and Tracie Paine

With the appointment of Amy Jo Stavnezer to President-Elect, there is a one-year vacancy for Secretary.  Based on the FUN bylaws, the Executive Committee holds a Special Election to appoint a current Councilor to a one-year appointment to Secretary; the open-Councilor position is then filled by a recommendation made by the current FUN President.  The Special Election resulted in the appointment of Katherine Mickley-Steinmetz to Secretary for a one-year term and Jade Zee, runner-up in the current Councilor election, as Councilor for a one-year term.

Congratulations to all incoming members of the FUN Executive Board!!

All my best,

Lisa A. Gabel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Chair, Program in Neuroscience
President-Elect, Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience
303 Oechsle Hall
Easton, PA 18042

office: (610) 330-5296
lab: (610) 330-5862
fax: (610) 330-5349
http: //sites.lafayette.edu/gabell

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