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Wonderful memories and papers, all, thank you for helping me remember why I fell in love with neuroscience. 

It reminded me of a 1914 work I cited in an 80s paper. It was:

A.B. Drooglever-Fortuyn 1914 "Cortical cell-laminiation of the hemispheres of some rodents" in Arch. Neurol. Pathol. Lab London County Asylums VI 221-354 (!). 

I loved that my own findings were confirming that work, but six decades later with a different technology. I felt this shivery connection to my scientific ancestors that was both exciting and humbling. We really rarely come up with anything that no one has ever thought of before, only cleverer (newer) ways to illustrate the point. I got resistance at the time about citing something so old -- can you believe that? Yes, I know you can.

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