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Mon Sep 15 15:23:21 EDT 2014

To follow up on Ian Harrington's suggestion:  fortunately, ERIN (
http://erin.sfn.org) already provides an opportunity to list papers useful
for teaching and to sort them by themes. Two of ERIN's "Resource Type"
categories are "Article - Research" (currently with 25 entries) and
"Article - Review" (16 entries). It's possible to browse ERIN to look at
all the resources that fit one or more categories, such as all the review
articles, and to narrow the results to specific general topics, subtopics,
educational level, or any other combination of data fields. To do this,
select "Browse ERIN" from the navigation bar, and then (after a pause while
the database is processed), narrow the results for one or more data
fields using the drop-down menus at the left.

Papers listed as resources in ERIN have descriptions, which can explain how
an article is useful in teaching. Accompanying reviews further describe the
strengths and weaknesses of the paper in the context of the particular
course in which it was used. Reviews are intended to help you make
insightful choices about materials to use in your own courses, benefitting
from the expertise of others, exactly as Ian suggests.

At the Ithaca FUN workshop, ERIN editors learned that many members of FUN
are not also members of SfN. We expect that the SfN login requirement for
submitting resources and reviews will be deleted from the ERIN website very
soon, making it possible for every FUN member to participate not only in
reading the site (which is open to the world without restriction), but also
by contributing resources and reviews. We hope many of our FUN colleagues
will add to ERIN's resource listings with the same generous enthusiasm that
was shown in responding to Bill Grisham's inquiry about favorite
neuroscience papers. (And if Bill summarizes those suggestions in an
article for JUNE, that article would also be listed in ERIN!)

With best wishes,

Richard F Olivo, PhD
Professor of Biological Sciences and Neuroscience, Smith College
Founding Editor, Educational Resources (ERIN), Society for Neuroscience
    44 College Lane, Smith College, Northampton MA 01063
    413 585-3822  •   http://tinyurl.com/bio300http://erin.sfn.org

On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 2:05 PM, Harrington, Ian via FUN_Mail <
fun_mail at lists.funfaculty.org> wrote:

> I think Bill's idea is a great one but I wonder whether we might take it
> one step further. I haven't worked this all the way through but what if
> there were an area on ERIN (or an equivalent host) where papers might
> reviewed specifically for their utility in teaching and sorted into themes?
> If they were just dumped into ERIN they might get lost but I would
> certainly love to know about the great papers in neuroendocrinology,
> behavioral neuroscience, or cognitive neuroscience (to name just three
> areas) as identified by neuroendocrinologists, behavioral neuroscientists,
> or cognitive neuroscientists. Many of us, particularly in introductory
> courses or upper-level seminars, often find ourselves teaching content
> outside of our expertise. The primary literature is so much better as a
> route to student engagement and learning (and how many of us are at schools
> that have NOT identified information literacy as a student learning
> outcome?). This would be a terrific living asset and, so long as we're able
> to identify some new classics in the field, it would continue to grow.
> IH

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