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Tue Apr 28 19:54:25 EDT 2015

Dear colleagues,

​Thank you to the two dozen members of FUN who offered to be panelists for
the 2015 SfN workshop on teaching neuroscience. I've written to each person
directly, but I wanted also to thank them collectively and publicly. The
many responses were an indication of how seriously our colleagues take
teaching, and
our interest in helping each other teach well.

With many potential panelists to choose from, I was able to assemble what I
think will be a diverse and very interesting set of talks. The overall
topic is "Teaching Neuroscience to Non-Scientists," and the panelists and
topics will be:

Marc Breedlove, Michigan State University
   "*The Mind's Machine*: Writing a textbook for science-phobic students"

Christina Williams, Duke University
   "Sex and Gender, and other 'intersection' classes"

Leah Roesch, Emory University
   "From Botox to Behavior: five years of neuroscience for non-scientists"

Laura Been, University of Minnesota and Haverford College

​ ​
"Using a best-seller on psychiatric cases to teach neuroscience"

​Bevil Conway, Wellesley College
visual neuroscience by studying and making art"

Lisa Gabel, Lafayette College
    "Neuroscience of Music"

The date and time of the workshop are
​ ​
Monday, October 19th,
​ ​
​ ​
9:00 am – 11:00 am. Each speaker will have 20 minutes total, including time
for questions from the audience. In the next month, I will add a new page
to the teaching workshop's unofficial website, tinyurl.com/sfn-pdw, where
you can find information and links to resources from the ten previous

With best wishes,
​ Olivo​

Richard F Olivo, PhD
Professor of Biological Sciences and Neuroscience, Smith College
Founding Editor, Educational Resources (ERIN), Society for Neuroscience
    44 College Lane, Smith College, Northampton MA 01063
    413 585-3822  •   http://tinyurl.com/bio300http://erin.sfn.org

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