[FUN_Mail] looking for calcium imaging movies

Jared Young via FUN_Mail fun_mail at lists.funfaculty.org
Wed Feb 11 14:11:15 EST 2015

Hello Neuro folk,

I am working on a computer program (actually, my former student is working
on a computer program) to automatically extract data from calcium imaging
movies. We have our own set of movies (calcium imaging in one neuron in C.
elegans) that we have trained the program with. We would like to get other
movies from a range of cell types/preps/organisms/scopes to see how well
the program can handle different kinds of images, and to improve the
program's capacity to do so.

If any of you are willing to share data with us for this purpose, we would
be much obliged. We aim to publish the program and make it freely
available, for those of us without thousands of dollars to spend on image
analysis programs. Hopefully, our analysis of your data can also be of use
to you so it can be a win-win. I should note that it does not have to be
calcium imaging data, just any data in which you are trying to measure
fluorescence from a particular bright feature in your field of view over
multiple images.

If you are interested, please email me.

Jared Young
Jared Young
Associate Professor, Biology
Mills College
Oakland CA 94613

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