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Dear FUN colleagues,

My department is currently considering creating a 1 year masters degree program in neuroscience here in St Andrews, UK. We are very interested in gauging how much interest there might be from overseas students, especially those in N. America.

Towards this end, I'd like to do an informal survey in the FUN community. Below are 3 questions. If you have a moment to send me answers to the questions below in a reply email (could just be in the subject line!), I would be most grateful.  Of course, if anyone would like to take the time to provide any further written details on what students in N. America are looking for in a 1 year neuroscience masters program outside the US, that would also be very welcome!

Below are some links with information on our department and on the neuroscience community here:

Thanks in advance,
Stefan Pulver

Please rank  the following questions on a scale of 1-5
1 = agree strongly
2 = agree
3 = neutral
4 = disagree
5 = strongly disagree

  1.  Undergraduates that I know would be interested in doing 1 year masters degree in neuroscience at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK.
  2.  Undergraduates that I know would have the financial means to pay an annual tuition fee of US$28-32,000 to do masters study in St Andrews for one year,.
  3.  Undergraduates that I know would want to minimize time spent in classrooms and maximize time doing research in laboratories as part of a masters degree.


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