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Calin-Jageman, Irina icalinjageman at dom.edu
Wed Dec 7 10:51:58 EST 2016

I too would like to see the results.
Many thanks.

Irina Calin-Jageman, PhD
Associate Professor
Biological Sciences Department
Dominican University
River Forest, IL 60305
icalinjageman at dom.edu<mailto:icalinjageman at dom.edu>

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I've just submitted my response to your survey - I'd like to see the survey results.


Mary Lou

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Dear Colleagues,

My institution is currently evaluating teaching load and faculty time. With this in mind, I would be grateful if you all could take the time to fill out the short survey below regarding how student research is/is not compensated for in your teaching load. I would be willing to share this information with any of you should you like to know the survey results. They will not be published in any format (i.e. posters, journals, websites, etc.).


Supervision of Undergraduate Research Survey<https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdQXvWnsreqhCwNZo9aPF-n3cJnVRX-SkzYTtsTqDI-VchntQ/viewform>
With the recognition of the importance of undergraduate research experiences comes an increased expectation for faculty to supervise and mentor undergraduates in independent research. The question then arises as to how to count this activity in a faculty member's workload of scholarship, teaching, and service. Is it solely part of scholarship or is it part of the teaching load? In helping our institution evaluate our policy, we would like to know how other Primarily Undergraduate Institutions address this issue. Thank you in advance for participating in this short survey.

Thank you for your time and effort,



Aaron L. Cecala, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

Chair of Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC)

Director of Cognitive Science Minor

Department of Biology

Elizabethtown College

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cecalaa at etown.edu<mailto:cecalaa at etown.edu>

Phone: 717.361.1341

Website: http://facultysites.etown.edu/cecalaa/

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