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Hi Dorothy,

I don't know whether this is too high level for the situation, but I have
done a lab component on binocular rivalry in my Sensation & Perception
class for years because it works very well and allows the students to
generate follow-up experiments in fairly short order. I had it distributed
at the FUN workshop in Pomona (because I thought everyone had to contribute
something). All it requires are some composite images that can be found
online (or generated by many students with software available in many
campus computer labs) and some red-green glasses (you can get paper
versions for pennies each).

You can contact me off list for the instructions I submitted to the
workshop all those years ago.


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> Hi Everyone,
> Just reaching out to see if anyone has any suggestions on labs for vision
> for upper level undergraduates.  I do the cow eye dissection, blind spot
> demonstration, as well as a small demo on the distribution of rods and
> cones (I.e. What do they see first…the pen or color of the pen) and have
> had the students analyze some visual illusions.  I’ve scoured the internet
> and ERIN but haven’t really found anything that’s much different.  Any new
> creative ideas out there? dkozlows at depaul.edu
> Thanks
> Dorothy
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