[FUN_Mail] vision lab ideas?

Dr. James Murray Ph.D. james.murray at csueastbay.edu
Fri Feb 5 14:16:47 EST 2016

I’ve recorded electroretinograms from crayfish eyes using pin electrodes.  That is really easy if you have a simple amplifier and recording set up.  Really robust responses.  Maybe test wavelength selectivity, or flicker fusion.

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> Hi Everyone,
> Just reaching out to see if anyone has any suggestions on labs for vision for upper level undergraduates.  I do the cow eye dissection, blind spot demonstration, as well as a small demo on the distribution of rods and cones (I.e. What do they see first…the pen or color of the pen) and have had the students analyze some visual illusions.  I’ve scoured the internet and ERIN but haven’t really found anything that’s much different.  Any new creative ideas out there? dkozlows at depaul.edu
> Thanks
> Dorothy
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