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Dear colleagues,
   Thank you to Irving Vega and Migdalisel Colon-Berlingeri for their JUNE opinion piece entitled "Diversity and IS inclusion".  If you're interested in potential ways that your institution could encourage and reward faculty efforts towards inclusivity, you might consider discussing with your colleagues our recent change at Pomona College in our policy for promotion and tenure, in which candidates for promotion need to describe in their teaching statements what strategies they have used to foster an inclusive classroom. In addition, questions regarding inclusivity will be added to the student course evaluations. Some of the changes are mentioned here:


Of course, another way to enhance inclusivity is to require a statement from job candidates applying for positions in your departments, along with the research and teaching statements, regarding their strategies for creating an inclusive learning environment.  This requires buy-in from all members of the search committee that the inclusivity statement is an important component of the application package.

With all best wishes for a peaceful productive summer,

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