[FUN_Mail] Promoting Awareness and Knowledge to Enhance Scientific Rigor in Neuroscience

Calin-Jageman, Robert rcalinjageman at dom.edu
Fri May 13 00:47:13 EDT 2016

>From Gary Dunbar:

Dear Colleagues:

I just received this message from Michael Heinz, Director of Advocay, Outreach, and Training at SfN:

 " I wanted to make sure you've seen the notifications going out about the scientific rigor training modules we're conducting under an NIH grant. "Promoting Awareness and Knowledge to Enhance Scientific Rigor in Neuroscience" is a series of online webinars, materials, and live workshops that are all being captured and placed on an open-access site here: https://neuronline.sfn.org/Articles/Professional-Development/2016/TMEDR-Program-Overview. The next live webinar (3rd in the series) will be next week and registration is available for anyone who might be interested.
We've gotten good feedback from those who have participated to this point, including from faculty and graduate students. We thought, if you haven't already, your colleagues at AMSNDC and FUN might be interested in the programs. Again, they are open access so people are welcome to go to the site and attend live sessions as well as watch archived modules. Please let us know if you have any questions."

As this should be of special interest to those of us in FUN, I hope you can take advantage of theses webinars.

With Best Regards,


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