[FUN_Mail] FUN Listserv - Fixing the auto-reply storm

Calin-Jageman, Robert rcalinjageman at dom.edu
Thu Oct 13 13:33:10 EDT 2016

As you are all aware, there have now been a series of auto-reply storms on the FUN listserv.

First - I'm sorry I didn't take care of this earlier.  The problem wasn't that obvious to me at first because my gmail stacks all these emails up, disguising the size of the problem.  Then I tweaked some settings that I thought would fix it, but apparently to no avail.

Second - I'm taking steps to fix it.  For now, I've turned on moderation, so I will personally approve every outgoing email to the listserv and will discard auto-replies to ensure no more storms.  Because of this, you may notice some delay between posting to the list and seeing your response go out-that's will happen when I get get to moderation requests immediately.

I also have a help ticket in with our listserv provider to get our loop-detection settings tweaked to better prevent these storms.  Hopefully that will happen soon.

Anyways, sorry for the inbox blowouts.  Personally, I had fun with it by turning it into a drinking game.  Now if you'll excuse me, I am currently on inebriation leave this semester.  I have been escorted off campus, and it is unlikely that I will return.  For inquiries about who gets my offices, email the DU Dean of Arts and Sciences...


Robert Calin-Jageman
Professor, Psychology
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Dominican University
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rcalinjageman at dom.edu<mailto:rcalinjageman at dom.edu>
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