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I'm not sure whether your teaching requirements are generally focused more on general courses like Principles of Biology and Human Anatomy or on specific courses in your discipline.  If you teach more general courses, one topic that I find helpful to discuss with my colleagues is choice of textbook, online resources and lab activities.  For example, online homework/quiz supplements like Pearson's mastering series can be useful but don't meet the needs of all instructors.  The opportunity to hear why my colleagues choose the resources they select is really helpful to me -- even if I then choose not to use those resources.  

Another topic to consider would be the use of case studies in teaching -- how do you use them, where do you find them, do you write your own, how do students respond to them, etc. NCCST has a good selection along with a conference and workshops on the topic. 

Hope that helps!

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Dear colleagues,

I typically have funding for only one major conference each year and generally attend ARVO (Association for Research in Vision & Ophthalmology) rather that SfN. At last year’s meeting, I spoke with a colleague that was lamenting the lack of networking for faculty who balance their research with undergraduate teaching as opposed to med school research - not just PUIs, but also PhD granting Biology departments where research is required but often not as well supported. In order to start building a network, I would like to take advantage of ARVO’s Special Interest Group sessions.
These 90 minute sessions typically have 3-5 panelists who talk for up to 35 minutes followed by open discussion, Q&A, networking.

So here are my questions for my FUN colleagues:

1)    Can those of you who have been involved in SfN activities provide
suggestions for topics and hoopefully even some talking points or slides?
At this stage, we specifically want to target faculty, not members-in-training, in order to build this group before offering advice to trainees.

My colleague & I have collaborated on curriculum development and could talk on the topic of “Bringing your research into the classroom.” It would be better if we focused on different topics, but off the top of my head, I’m coming up blank. I have a third colleague who expressed interest in participating, but also did not suggest a topic. I remember seeing a post on this list serve that included a session on how to fund animal care and vet staff at PUIs and thinking that I wish I could attend that session since mouse bills are hampering my research, so if anyone would like to share those suggestions, I'd love to have them. Any and all other ideas are appreciated.

2)    Are any of you planning to attend ARVO in Baltimore in May 7-11, 2017
and interested in participating? If there are any Baltimore non-retina people interested in contributing, let me know and I will find out if it is possible to have non-ARVO members participate in a single event as a guest.

Thanks in advance,
-Judy Ogilvie

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