[FUN_Mail] Advice needed on Behavioral neuroscience lab design

Judith Ogilvie judith.ogilvie at slu.edu
Sun Aug 27 00:23:44 EDT 2017

Our biology building was essentially gutted by a fire and we are designing new spaces that need to be functional for the next 30-ish years. One thing that we have not had and want to add is lab space for a behavioral neuroscience undergrad teaching lab. What requirements should we have? There is a space adjoining our vivarium that we could ask for, but this space is on a different floor from other teaching labs and prep rooms in the current plan. Could we have one neuroscience lab space used both for behavioral NS and our cell/molecular NS lab?

This process is being fast tracked so ideas & suggestions asap are appreciated.
You may respond to me at ogilviej at slu.edu.
Thanks in advance,

-Judy Ogilvie

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