[FUN_Mail] Mouse cages for sale - CHEAP!

Amy Jo Stavnezer AJStavnezer at wooster.edu
Sun Jul 2 08:53:09 EDT 2017

FOR SALE:  I have a hundred or more standard mouse cages from Ancare with matching stainless steel lids (I do not have filter tops; 7 1⁄2” x 11 1⁄2” x 5”).  I have both opaque and slightly-tinted cages, they are all cage washer safe and can be autoclaved if necessary. I've mostly switched to rats and would love to sell these to a FUN member at a significant discount - and get some space back in my lab!

The current price from Ancare is approximately $9.75 per cage and $13.95 per lid.  I would be happy to sell them at half-price, plus shipping.  $4/cage and $7/lid, as many or few as you might want.

If you are attending the FUN conference at Dominican by car - I will gladly deliver them in my vehicle and save us both the headache of packing and shipping charges.

Let me know!
Amy Jo Stavnezer, ajstavnezer at wooster.edu<mailto:ajstavnezer at wooster.edu>

Links to product:
Cages: http://www.ancare.com/products/cages-and-caging-equipment/rodent-cage/mouse-cage
Lids: http://www.ancare.com/products/cages-and-caging-equipment/wire-bar-lid/n10-mouse-lid

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