[FUN_Mail] What electives are included in your Neuroscience Program - responses needed asap

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Hello Judith, 

Earlham College has a Neuroscience major but not a department. The Excel sheet attached has the yes/no answers you ask, but I don't have time to write answers to your short-answer questions before Wednesday. 

In general, we accept any Biology course that gets into (1) molecular/cellular mechanisms, (2) animal behavior, and/or (3) evolutionary mechanisms as an elective course for the Neuroscience major. So, the only course on your list that we offer that is not an elective or required course for Neuroscience is Exercise Physiology, and there are complex reasons for that. 


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Subject: [FUN_Mail] What electives are included in your Neuroscience Program - responses needed asap 

Hi all - 
We are trying to update our list of neuroscience electives for our interdisciplinary program. The curriculum committee is requesting clarification about why we have selected these specific courses and excluded others. The original list of electives was based on what was offered by other programs. Since they have asked for a response from me by this Wed night 3/6 I'm hoping you all can help save me the time of searching scores of web pages. Right now we are just looking at the biology electives. 

Below is the list that includes (a) courses already approved, (b) courses we would like to add, and (c) courses that the committee has suggested. 

If you have a neuroscience degree program, please let me know which ones you include as electives in your program and which ones are available at your institution but not included as electives, and why not. 

BIOL 3010 Evolution 3 

BIOL 3030 Principles of Genetics 3 

BIOL 3060 Cell Structure & Function Laboratory 1 
BIOL 3100 Experiments in Genetics Lab 1 
BIOL 3280 Ethnobotony 3 

BIOL 3400 General Ecology 3 

BIOL 3420 Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates 5 

BIOL 3470 General Physiology Laboratory 2 

BIOL 3480 Exercise Physiology 3 

BIOL 4010 Sex, Evolution, and Behavior 3 

BIOL 4030 Introduction to Genomics 3 
BIOL 4050 Molecular Technique Laboratory 2 
BIOL 4070 Advanced Biological Chemistry 3 
BIOL 4080 Advanced Cell Biology 3 
BIOL 4150 Nerve Cell Mechanisms in Behavior 3 

BIOL 4250 Neurobiology of Disease 3 

BIOL 4360 Animal Behavior 3 

BIOL 4370 Animal Behavior Lab 1 

BIOL 4410 Comparative Animal Physiology 3 

BIOL 4440 Vertebrate Histology: Structure and 

Function of Tissues 4 
BIOL 4500 Introductory Endocrinology 3 
BIOL 4510 Behavioral Endocrinology 3 
BIOL 4540 Human Cellular Physiology I 3 
BIOL 4600 Developmental Biology 3 

BIOL 4610 Developmental Biology Lab 2 
BIOL 4630 Foundations of Immunobiology 3 
BIOL 4700 Molecular Biology 3 

I am working to educate the curriculum committee about Neuroscience - I was asked what Molecular Biology has to do with Neuroscience - so any other comments are welcome and would be greatly appreciated. How have you made decisions about which electives to include? Do you look at learning objectives? Are there any courses that someone has requested be added but were decided to be not appropriate for the major and, if so, why? Some have suggested including all biology courses, including Plants and Fungi. What criteria would you use to include or exclude a course as a neuro elective? 

-Judy Ogilvie 

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