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Don’t forget about the informal FUN booth conversations going on Monday (booth #3604):

Monday 10 – 11 am:  Thoughts on how to get tenure at a primarily undergraduate institution (PUI) – led by Erin Rhinehart

Monday 11am – noon: Do I want a job, and how would I prepare for a job, at a PUI? – led by Katherine Mickley Steinmetz

Monday 1 – 2 pm: Best practices for teaching Introduction to Neuroscience – led by Lisa Gabel

Monday 2 – 3 pm:  Balancing teaching and research at a PUI – led by Mary Lou Caspers
And Tuesday:
Tuesday 10 – 11 am:  How to charter a chapter of Nu Rho Psi, the neuroscience honor society – led by Mike Kerchner

Tuesday 11 am - noon: Sharing teaching insights: the FUN Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education – led by Bruce Johnson

And the Professional Development Workshops:
Evidence-Based Approaches to Teaching Neuroscience
Organizer/Moderator: R. Olivio & M. Linden
Monday, Nov 13, 2017, 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., Convention Center 207A
This year's workshop on teaching neuroscience will review evidence-based practices that have been shown to improve student learning. Amy Chang, Director of Education for the American Society for Microbiology, will summarize validated instructional strategies. Lee Zia (NSF), David Asai (HHMI), and Brian Couch (Nebraska) will discuss implementing these proven approaches to good teaching, and Dan Willingham (Virginia) will review practices that students themselves can use to improve their own learning.

Improving Your Science: Sample-Size Planning, Pre-Registration, and Reproducible Data Analysis

Organizer/Moderator: R. Calin-Jageman
Monday, Nov 13, 2017, Noon - 2:00 p.m., Convention Center 207B
This workshop introduces three emerging best practices to improve the rigor and reproducibility of neuroscience research: 1) sample size planning, 2) pre-registration, and 3) the Project Tier protocol for conducting reproducible data analysis. Each discussion will provide a rapid overview of the topic (30 minutes) but will include resources and tips for advancing towards mastery. The workshop will end with a 30-minute open-ended discussion. After the meeting, download all the materials here: https://osf.io/5awp4/

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