[FUN_Mail] The NeuroBytes Kickstarter Campaign is Live!

Joe Burdo joe at neurotinker.com
Fri Nov 17 14:55:46 EST 2017

Thanks Bob, I'm excited that we're finally ready to get our NeuroBytes into
the hands of neuroscientists and students. Briefly, we have functionality
that I wasn't able to show off at the FUN workshop this past summer:

   - interneuron potentiation, including cooperativity, specificity, and
   - our motor neurons and motors controlled by them (these can power
   neuroscience + engineering and A&P projects like our Knee Jerk Reflex and
   - And the long awaited oscilloscope app for data logging and more in
   depth analysis of membrane potential and circuits (see below)!

I know many of you are just getting back into it from SfN (we'll be there
next year!) for the quick sprint to Thanksgiving, but we need your support
if NeuroBytes and our experiments and curricula are going to become a
reality for our students. We're about 40% of the way to our goal, and we
need to keep the momentum going. If you're interested in our simulators,
this is the best chance to be the first to get your hands on them. Please
consider supporting our campaign, and sharing it with everyone whom you
think may be interested.

Visit our NeuroBytes campaign page here

Also a reminder to email me directly if you have any questions, rather than
replying all to the list.



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On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 3:24 PM, Calin-Jageman, Robert <
rcalinjageman at dom.edu> wrote:

> From FUN member Joe Burdo comes this exciting Kickstarter.  Way to go,
> Joe!  If you want to send along your congratulations, please be sure to
> reply to him only (anything you send to FUN_MAIL at lists.funfaculty.org
> goes out to everyone)
> Bob
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