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Kozlowski, Dorothy DKOZLOWS at depaul.edu
Tue Oct 3 13:32:32 EDT 2017

Hello Everyone,
DePaul University started a Neuroscience major last fall that has taken off.  We started our second year with 124 majors!  We are actively working with the administration to provide support (financial, faculty, space, etc.) for our major. Our major is currently an independent program within the College of Science and Health with some budget and independent courses which draw faculty from biology, psychology, philosophy, computer science, and  adjuncts. We also of course rely on existing courses in Biology, chemistry, psychology, etc.

We are currently discussing support of our program with our Dean and Provost during which the cost/benefits of Program vs. Department have come up. I have read the 2006 paper by Richard Lewis in JUNE and am wondering where things stand now out there.

So my questions are these.
1.   If you have a NEUROSCIENCE MAJOR is it an independent interdisciplinary program, a department, or housed within another department?  Trying to get some data here.  I haven’t found any substantial data documenting this.  If it exists, please let me know.

2.  If you have been through the Program/Dept debate and negotiation at your institution and have words of wisdom, or evidence that one is better than the other, please pass them along. I do realize that this sometimes is very institution specific but would appreciate the feedback.

You can email me directly at dkozlows at depaul.edu unless the FUN listserv would like to listen in.

Thank you!


Dorothy Kozlowski Ph.D.
Vincent de Paul Professor-
Department of Biological Sciences
Director, Neuroscience Program
DePaul University

Past-President, Chicago Society for Neuroscience http://www.chicagosfn.org<http://www.chicagosfn.org/>

McGowan North 106
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