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Hi Paul,

I’d like to add neuromonitoring (surgical physiologist) to the list. We’ve had several students hired by companies who contract with surgeons and hospitals to do provide monitoring during surgery. The students who have been hired have so far said they really enjoy the work, and I have received feedback from the one of the companies that the neuroscience training the students have has given them a “leg up” on learning the methods compared to other students. Here<https://www.graceneurotech.org/what-is-surgical-neurophysiology> is a link to a website that describes the field in a bit more detail (https://www.graceneurotech.org/what-is-surgical-neurophysiology).


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Greetings, fellow FUN members,

Each spring, we hold an Alternative Careers talk for our 140 Neuroscience undergraduate majors.  Past talks have focused on jobs in the pharmaceutical companies and in bioengineering companies developing electrophysiological equipment and making prosthetics.  Often, we find that these get pitched with the assumption that students will go on to PhD programs before considering an alternative career.

This year, we would specifically like to focus on what Undergraduates with a BA/BS in Neuroscience can do.  Potential ideas for this year are working for non-profits (museums, perhaps) or science writing.

Suggestions for good contacts for these?   Other potential areas that would be worth considering?


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