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Fri Oct 13 14:27:54 EDT 2017

RE Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP) at the Vollum Institute/OHSU

Dear FUN Faculty Member,

As a FUN institution faculty member, I hope that you share the attached PDF brochure on our graduate training program with any of your undergraduate students that are interested in graduate training in neuroscience. We are committed to a diverse student population and also have summer research programs for interested college juniors. Any of your students that are interested in any of our programs should feel free to contact us. We will also be at the Society for Neuroscience Graduate Fair in Washington DC in November.  There will also be an NGP faculty representative at the FUN poster session on November 12th.

The NGP faculty has a 25-year history of excellence, now enhanced with the recruitment of a number of newly recruited junior and senior faculty. We have kept the number of graduate students relatively small, so grad students have great access to highly accomplished scientists including many highly recognized senior scientists as well as outstanding junior faculty. Our graduates go on to excellent postdoctoral positions and a wide variety of positions in academics and industry as well as wide range of science-related jobs. Some areas in which we excel include structural biology; synaptic physiology, glial biology, gene regulation, and neurobiology of disease. As a medical campus, we have strong connections to the clinical departments with their translational and clinical research activities. All students receive a graduate stipend that covers all fees, tuition and living expenses.

We think we have a great program and we are located in one of the most livable and beautiful cities in the United States.  Check out the NGP website (www.ohsu.edu/ngp<http://www.ohsu.edu/ngp> ), and feel free to have your students contact us for more information - I think they will be excited about the quality of our program and the opportunities for a great PhD experience. The application deadline for 2018 admission is December 1, 2017.

Best wishes,

Gary Westbrook
Kelly Monk
Senior Scientists, Vollum Institute
Neuroscience Graduate Program, Vollum Institute/OHSU
westbroo at ohsu.edu

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Vollum Institute/OHSU Neuroscience Graduate Program
Email: ngp at ohsu.edu<mailto:ngp at ohsu.edu>

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