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That is an interesting dilemma.  Perhaps the graduate schools are doing this for social media that might be academic/professoinal.  For instance making youtube videos that teach about science.  I had a graduate who did this.  I would advise them to provide only links to social media that is professional in nature. LinkedIn or an account that they have for professional reasons. They could also create professional accounts and use these in the application.  I agree this is too personal if they want their Facebook that is mainly with friends and family.

A few years ago at SfN, I went to a networking workshop and the suggestion was to follow scientists on social media that you are interested in working with or would like to collaborate.  I know other who use social media to promote their research.  We encourage people to do this at SfN during lectures. I think that if we advise students to have both a professional and personal account then they can link to the professional account for this purpose.

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Dear fellow FUN members:

A student in our program is applying to neuroscience graduate programs and has found that some of the applications provide spaces where he can paste links to his social media accounts. I and my fellow faculty members are surprised to see this and we wonder about the optics -- will he look as if he is trying to hide something if he doesn't post links? On the balance, we feel that asking for the links is getting a little too personal for an academic application, but we're curious about how other mentors of undergraduates feel and what kinds of advice you might give.

Thank you for your responses,
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