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Bruce Raymond Johnson brj1 at cornell.edu
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Dear FUN friends,

The January 2018 International CrawFly Workshop, sponsored by ADInstruments, will be hosted Weds, January 10 through Sunday, January 24, 2018, at Emory University in Atlanta.  The site announcement for this neuroscience educator workshop is: [https://www.adinstruments.com/events/training/crawfly-invertebrate-neurophysiology-course].   Click on "Register" at the bottom of the above web page for details and scholarship information or go directly to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/crawfly-invertebrate-neurophysiology-course-january-2018-tickets-38874304090.   (You may have to paste these links into your browser)

Bob Wyttenbach (Emory University) is our local host, and the workshop will be taught by Bob, Ilya Vilinsky (University of Cincinnati), Karen Hibbard (HHMI at Janelia Research Campus), and Ron Hoy, David Deitcher and Bruce Johnson (Cornell University) and ADInstruments educators.   It presents classic and new student lab exercises to teach fundamental principles of signal transmission in the nervous system.  The workshop begins with tutorials on the use of LabChart software for acquisition and analysis of electrophysiological and behavioral data, and for control of electrical and opto-genetic nerve stimulation.  Classic Crawdad lab exercises follow to learn extracellular and intracellular recording techniques. Finally, participants explore new student lab exercises that take advantage of the genetic tractability of fruitflies.  These use optogenetic manipulation to explore principles of behavior and physiology with the fruitfly model system.   Participants will make their own optical stimulators for fruitfly exercises at home.  Sessions include brainstorming on best practices in laboratory and classroom teaching.   Join the CrawFly teaching community!

Two competitive ADI scholarships for tuition and other support are available to encourage participant diversity and encourage participation of beginning faculty and graduate students/post-docs interested in neuroscience education.  Scholarship application deadline is 11:59pm November 18, 2017, scholarship announcement by Dec 8, 2017.  Contact Bob Wyttenbach (rwytten at emory.edu) or Bruce Johnson (brj1 at cornell.edu)<mailto:brj1 at cornell.edu)> for questions.

Best wishes,

Bob Wyttenbach and Bruce Johnson

Bruce R. Johnson, Ph.D.
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Sorry for not responding as promptly as I intended.

Ideally  could be a presence at the FUN booth on Monday morning, or early afternoon.  I may also have another member of the NRP Council who could also be available to discuss NRP Chapter Applications.

I'll also be at SFN through Tuesday, so Tuesday Morning would be another window of opportunity.


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To all FUN members who caught onto this thread earlier in the evening,

First of all, thank you for your generosity and willingness to move aside and make room for Adam and his students - what an amazing group of people!

I’m happy to report that we can fit in Adam’s poster without condensing posters onto one board or asking anyone to back out.  We have one open poster board, as we did not hear back from a member who was offered a spot from the waitlist.

Adam - you’ll receive a direct email from me shortly with your instructions.  And just to remind everyone - when you "reply all” or when you see FUN in the To line, rather than the Cc line, and then you “reply", you reply to the whole list.  Most times that’s fine, but it might be something you note before pressing send.

I look forward to seeing many of you at this wonderful Poster Session and Social in just a few weeks.  I do expect that we will have 175 posters being presented!

Amy Jo

On Oct 19, 2017, at 5:30 PM, Adam Johnson <adam-johnson at bethel.edu<mailto:adam-johnson at bethel.edu>> wrote:

Dear Amy Jo -

Let me begin by saying that I’m writing with a totally unreasonable and unfair request.  While I know the FUN poster session is full, I’d like an exception to be made for my research group - for a single poster.

If you need an excuse, here it is: I didn’t push the lab to register when the email came out about 75 slots remaining and was diagnosed with brain tumors shortly thereafter.  Life has gotten really busy with other things and I dropped the ball on the student research.

The full lab is planning to come to SFN but we’d love to participate with the FUN workshop and give the students an opportunity to present our data.  This is likely my last SFN (which can be viewed a lot of ways ;) ) but I’m kicking myself for potentially compromising the students’ development.

If an accommodation can be made for us and the students are allowed to present at the FUN session, please let me know what we need to do in terms of registration and next steps.

If you’re not the appropriate person for this request, please let me know who is and I’ll send it on to them.

Thanks so much.  Sincerely -


Adam Johnson, PhD
Professor of Neuroscience | Department of Psychology
Bethel University | 3900 Bethel Drive | St. Paul, MN 55112
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