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We have a Master’s at Trinity but it is a five-year fast track but it is only open to our undergraduate students.


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Tulane University has a 1-year master’s in neuroscience with a thesis or non-thesis track.


Jeffrey Tasker
Professor, Dept of Cell and Molecular Biology
Catherine and Hunter Pierson Chair in Neuroscience
Tulane University

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Hi Everyone,
I’m working on compiling a list of Master’s Programs in Neuroscience for our majors and have been unsuccessful in finding a comprehensive one out there on the web.  Does anyone know if this exists?

Alternatively, if you know of a master’s program in Neuroscience can you pass it along and I’ll work on compiling a list and sharing?



Dorothy Kozlowski Ph.D.
Vincent de Paul Professor-
Department of Biological Sciences
Director, Neuroscience Program
DePaul University

McGowan North 106
2325 N. Clifton
Chicago, IL 60614



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