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I am starting on an optogenetics project in the lab and so I would probably come to this if its in Ithaca.  Not sure I could afford Atlanta.


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Dear FUN friends, 

Save the date. The January 2019 International CrawFly Workshop, sponsored by ADInstruments, will be held Weds, January 9 through Sunday, January 13, 2019. The workshop presents Crawdad lab exercises to learn extracellular and intracellular recording techniques and optogenetic manipulations to explore principles of behavior and physiology with the fruitfly model system. Participants will make their own optical stimulators for fruitfly exercises to take home. Sessions include brainstorming on best practices in laboratory and classroom teaching. 

We are deciding the best location to hold the workshop, Atlanta, GA or Ithaca, NY. If you are interested in attending and prefer one of these sites over the other, please email me your preference. We would like to locate the workshop to serve the most FUN participants we can. 

Best wishes, 

Bruce Johnson 

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Hello FUN faculty members, 

I’d like to remind everyone that Election Day this year (Nov. 6) falls during the Society for Neuroscience Meeting. Thus, for those who are registered to vote in the United States, I would like to encourage you to request absentee ballots and perform your civic duty! 

Thank you, 

Ron Bayline, President-Elect 


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