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Hi all -- Please see below for a wonderful program.


Michelle Tong, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology/Neuroscience

Landrum Bolling Center 303
Earlham College
Richmond, IN 47374
US: +001 765 983 1764

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From: BRAINS <brains at uw.edu>
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2019 at 17:23
Subject: Now accepting applications for BRAINS 2019!
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Dear Michelle Tong,

You are receiving this email because you came by the BRAINS booth at
Society for Neuroscience in 2017.

We are excited to let you know that BRAINS is now accepting applications
for the 2019 cohort! *Applications for the 2019 cohort will be accepted
through 9 am (PT) on Monday, May 20, 2019. *Visit
<https://advance.washington.edu/brains/program/application>* to apply. All
eligible applicants will be placed into one of the two program pathways.

Please share widely with your community, and if you are eligible for the
program, we hope you will apply.

*About BRAINS*

*BRAINS *- *B*roadening the *R*epresentation of *A*cademic *I*nvestigators
in *N*euro*S*ciences - is a national program funded by NIH NINDS. BRAINS
aims to increase the engagement and retention of early-career academic
neuroscientists from underrepresented groups through cohort-based community
development and access to tips, tools, and skills development. The program
is designed to improve participants’ career self-efficacy and sense of
belonging in the neuroscience field and help them thrive in their careers.

*BRAINS Program Pathways*

The *BRAINS Fellows Program
<http://depts.washington.edu/brains/fellowsprogram.html>* includes three
components. First is a multi-day in-person symposium full of discussions
with peers and senior scientist panelists on a wide variety of career
topics. Second is virtual peer mentoring circles which serve as a sounding
board for participants to continue their connection to the BRAINS
community, set personal goals, discuss professional concerns, and receive
constructive feedback. Finally, all BRAINS Fellows are invited to attend
the cross-cohort symposium to network with other Fellows' cohorts and gain
additional professional skills with the BRAINS community. *The 2019 BRAINS
Fellows Symposium will be held September 12-15, 2019 on Bainbridge Island*,
just a short ferry ride from downtown Seattle, WA.

The *BRAINS Affiliates Program
<http://depts.washington.edu/brains/affiliatesprogram.html>* consists of
two components. The first is a series of three virtual workshops that are
grounded in the core skills acquisition modules from the BRAINS program,
including life management, getting the mentoring you need to succeed, and
thriving as a scientist from an underrepresented group in neuroscience. The
second is virtual peer mentoring circles that follow the same format as the
Fellows program.* The 2019 BRAINS Affiliates virtual workshops are set to
begin in August 2019.*

Both Fellows and Affiliates also receive regular resources and
communications from BRAINS and are invited to join the annual BRAINS
reunion at Society for Neuroscience.

*Who is eligible for BRAINS?*

BRAINS participants are early career Ph.D. scientists in
neuroscience-related fields from underrepresented groups, including racial
and ethnic minorities and people with disabilities. Early career includes
postdoctoral researchers, assistant professors, assistant research
professors, and other pre-tenure level science positions.  For more
information about eligibility criteria, visit

*Learn More & Apply*

You can learn more about the BRAINS program and access our application by
visiting our website (*www.BRAINS.washington.edu
<http://www.brains.washington.edu>*). Feel free to contact us with any
questions you might have at *brains at uw.edu <brains at uw.edu>* or find us on
Twitter at @brainsbites.


*The BRAINS Team*

*Dr. Sheri Mizumori, BRAINS PI and Professor of Psychology, University of

*Dr. Joyce Yen, BRAINS co-Director and Director UW ADVANCE Center for
Institutional Change*

*Dr. Claire Horner-Devine, BRAINS co-Director and Founder, Counterspace


Broadening the Representation of Academic Investigators in NeuroScience
(BRAINS) is a program based at the University of Washington designed to
accelerate and improve the career advancement of neuroscience postdoctoral
scholars and assistant professors from underrepresented groups. Program
funded by NINDS Grants R25NS076416 and R25NS094094

Contact us at brains at uw.edu.
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