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Thank you all for all the incredibly helpful responses!  Keep them coming--back channel is fine.  I think the point about flexibility is key.

First, this is a replacement position for someone who is retiring, not a new position. The original position, from 20 years ago, was always a joint position in neuroscience and chemistry.  I was surprised it is still seen as a novel idea but that is important for us to know.

Regarding Kirsten's point below, I think this was a big miss from us.  We actually have very generous start-up packages, a newly renovated analytical chemistry lab for the position, annual equipment funds available to science faculty, and an internal grant mechanism. We should have mentioned some of that in the ad.  We have several rodent colonies on campus but do not have a rodent space allocated for this position.


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Reading the job ad, my primary question would be what type of neurochemistry research is feasible at Trinity to "develop and maintain a productive research program in neurochemistry that involves undergraduate students"? For example, my neurochemistry experience was in in vivo fast-scan cyclic voltammetry and microdialysis. Classic neurochemistry techniques but would require a descent startup package. Is this the type of research you are looking for? Are there rodent housing facilities? Out something much simpler/cheaper? Maybe adding another line about laboratory resources and startup could help attract candidates that would be a good fit.

Best of luck with your search!


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Dear Sarah,

I second what Tracey said below. I am a neuroscientist with an undergraduate degree in chemistry, who uses aspects of neurochemistry in my research. I’ve seen the posting several times, but feel I don’t have equal expertise in both areas. Maybe adding a line or two stating we can accommodate, work with, or assist the successful applicant in course assignments appropriate to their background? Something that references flexibility if possible.

Good luck!
Stephanie Gage

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   Maybe people feel unqualified due to the cross-disciplinary nature of the position? When I applied to my teaching faculty position at Northwestern, I was told after I got the job that few candidates applied with the right mix of qualifications - a strong neurobiology AND physiology background plus teaching experience.
Could you include the word neuropharmacology in your ad?


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Dear Friends,

We have a tenure track position in neuroscience and chemistry available.  For some reason we have only received a small handful of applications.  I am wondering if any of you have some insight into why that might be and what we might do differently if we have to re-do the search next year.  We have advertised it in all the usual places, as well as using Researchgate, LinkedIn, and social media, and targeted emails.

The ad is:

The Neuroscience Program and Chemistry Department seek to fill a tenure-track position in Neurochemistry. This is a joint appointment to both the Neuroscience Program and the Chemistry Department. The Neuroscience Program currently includes members from the Departments of Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy and Engineering. Both the Neuroscience Program and Chemistry Department are committed to culturally and academically diverse faculty to teach our diverse student body. The position will start in August 2020. Applicants must have a Ph.D. degree in chemistry, neuroscience or related field. The successful candidate will be expected to teach core courses in the Neuroscience major, introductory courses in the Chemistry major, and advanced courses in neurochemistry, and develop and maintain a productive research program in neurochemistry that involves undergraduate students. Trinity College is located in an urban environment and nearby institutions include Hartford Hospital, the Institute of Living, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, and University of Connecticut Medical School with active collaborations with Trinity faculty.

Trinity College seeks to attract a diverse faculty, is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, and actively seeks applications from women and other underrepresented groups.

Inquiries may be addressed to Professor Sarah Raskin<mailto:Sarah.Raskin at trincoll.edu>.

Thanks for any suggestions! Backchannel is great sarah.raskin at trincoll.edu<mailto:sarah.raskin at trincoll.edu>


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