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Are you near a hospital?  When I teach neuroanatomy we go to "brain cutting" (i.e., neuropathology rounds).  The pathologist is great about quizzing students on their anatomy while doing the pathology analysis.

The other thing we did was visit a nearby institute that does MRI.  The students got their own brains imaged, learned about Talairach coordinates, and Talairached their own brains.

I am happy to send my syllabus from when I last taught the course but it was pretty lab based with sheep brain dissections, etc.   I do have them each create their own atlas by hand--I think doing the actual drawing really helps them learn the material.  And there are some really great computer programs out there now.

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Hi all!

I’m looking for advice/syllabi etc. for starting an undergraduate neuroanatomy course.  Right now, the course is likely to be lecture based as we have no models or anything else to start a lab with, however ideas about a lab course are still welcome if anyone has them! We don’t, and won’t, have access to human brain tissue unfortunately, so lab alternatives would also be welcomed.

Any suggestions you have on this topic are very appreciated!

Thank you so much,


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