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Some (many?) of you will know all about this possibility, but I didn't so I thought I'd share.
A colleague in Sweden (I live in Scotland) asked me to be a test student in a try-out of an interactive tutorial using Neurosim on Zoom. (Full disclosure - I am the author of Neurosim, which is why he asked me. But I think the same procedure could be used with many other simulation packages.)
He ran Neurosim on his PC, started a Zoom session, and I joined the session using Zoom on a Mac. He could then share his screen with me, and was able to give me control of the mouse on his computer. I was then able to drive Neurosim as though it was running on my own computer. The mouse response was a bit sluggish, but so far as I could see I could access the full functionality of the simulation program. Meanwhile, we could chat using the Zoom audio-visual facility, or write notes to each other within Neurosim itself.
He recorded the session, and send me the video which is here<https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/~wjh/neurosim/remote_tutorial.html>. As is embarrassingly obvious, the "tutorial" was unscripted and not practiced beforehand! But I thought it was a worthwhile proof of concept. I could imagine running small-group tutorials and giving control to different students as needed, or even running a larger formal presentation, and giving control to individual students during interactive question-and-answer sessions.
After we finished in Zoom, I tried the same thing with Microsoft Teams, and that seemed to have similar functionality.
Again, apologies to those of you who knew all about these facilities. But I had never used Zoom or Microsoft Teams before the present virus crisis, and had no idea that this was possible.

Bill Heitler

Dr W. J. Heitler
Honorary Reader, School of Psychology and Neuroscience
University of St Andrews

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