[FUN_Mail] Labchart data to use with AD Intsrument's Lt?

Laurie Stepanek stepanek at american.edu
Thu Aug 6 12:16:42 EDT 2020

Hi everyone -

I am considering using some of Lt's Animal Physiology<https://www.adinstruments.com/lt/animal-physiology> modules for my remote behavioral neuroscience labs this semester, but the sample data provided with Lt is somewhat limited. It does allow you to import Labchart data, but I don't have any of the AD instruments equipment to do my own recording. I was wondering if anyone has done the in-person labs and would be willing to share Labchart data? I'm particularly interested in the intracellular action potential (leech), gin trap closure reflex, and frog neuromuscular junction labs.

Thank you for any data or suggestions!

Laurie Stepanek, PhD
Biology Department
American University
Washington, DC 20016

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