[FUN_Mail] Question re: social/cultural and nature/health

Masino, Susan A. Susan.Masino at trincoll.edu
Tue Dec 15 12:08:37 EST 2020

Hello Fellow FUN people,

I am acting Neuroscience Program director at Trinity College this semester.
I have two questions, and feel free to reply on the listserve or email me directly as appropriate: Masino, Susan A. (Susan.Masino at trincoll.edu<mailto:Susan.Masino at trincoll.edu>)

  1.  Does anyone have a faculty line that is dedicated to social/cultural neuroscience? Students are increasingly interested in this, and we are working on one at Trinity and very excited about it.

  1.  Is there anyone interested in or doing research on nature and brain health, esp. forests? This could be at any level of analysis (physiological psychological, etc.). I am working on launching a special research issue on this, and would love to include some FUN people. The submission categories are very open-ended. I will post call for submissions, but right now I need to finalize an excel sheet with possible contributors.

Thank you in advance!!


Note: I am experiencing extremely heavy email volume. Please don't hesitate to resend your reply.

Susan A. Masino, Ph.D.
Acting Director of Neuroscience
Vernon Roosa Professor of Applied Science
Trinity College

Co-chair, Science and Technology Working Group
Governor's Council on Climate Change (GC3 in CT)

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