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*The 25th Anniversary FUN Workshop*
*Undergraduate Neuroscience Education:*
*Best Practices for Rigor, Respect, Responsibility and Outreach*

*Davidson College*
*Davidson, North Carolina*
*July 31- August 2, 2020*

*Applying for the Workshop*

*To serve you better, registration will open February 19, 2020*
*on the all-new FUN website!  *

Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience has sponsored eight previous
workshops focused on helping faculty develop and sustain neuroscience
programs at undergraduate colleges and universities.  We are pleased to
invite you to our ninth workshop, that will be held at Davidson College,
Davidson North Carolina,  July 31-August 2, 2020. Sessions begin at 2 pm
July 31 and conclude at 1:15 pm on August 2. Participants will be
encouraged to submit an abstract for a “What Works?” poster, teaching
demonstration of table discussion topic at registration. The comprehensive
fee for all workshop costs, including materials, meals and residence hall
lodging for the nights of July 31 and August 1, is $550. A limited number
of Partial scholarships are available for underrepresented minority faculty
members, faculty from institutions serving women and minority groups, and
faculty from institutions currently unable to provide support, and for
local prefaculty (Post-Docs and Graduate students) wishing to attend.

In addition to the main workshop, we again will offer the optional
Preworkshop Intensive Laboratory Experience July 30-31, 2020. Note: space
for this special, hands-on event is limited to 40 participants who are also
registering for the main workshop. The comprehensive fee for the workshop
plus the preworkshop intensive laboratory experience (including all
materials, meals and residence hall lodging for the nights of July 29, 30,
31 and August 1) is $790.

Aims and Objectives
• To examine the undergraduate neuroscience curriculum as it continues to
evolve, and help guide efforts to create, assess and sustain rigorous and
inclusive neuroscience programs at schools as diverse as liberal arts
colleges and research universities.
• To aid in preparing neuroscience faculty for leadership roles in
departmental, institutional, professional organizations or other settings.
• To introduce faculty to innovative laboratory experiences that serve as
the basis for the development of both investigative/discovery-based and
integrative interdisciplinary laboratory experiences.
• To prepare faculty to develop competitive grant applications to support
their educational and research programs.
• To discuss local and national efforts to build and strengthen
neuroscience education at the undergraduate level.
• To prepare workshop participants to initiate and sustain reforms on their
home campus.
• To build on or help create regional networks for ongoing collaboration
following the Workshop.

Case studies, plenary presentations, small group sessions, teaching
demonstrations, a poster session and individual consultations will address
all dimensions of undergraduate neuroscience education, including
determining what needs to be taught, dissolving institutional and
departmental barriers, building an institutional team committed to reform,
developing more appropriate spaces for teaching and learning, funding
innovative efforts, Fostering diversity in the sciences, Study abroad, and
community outreach. Sessions will be of interest to neuroscience faculty as
well as department chairs, deans, development officers, and others with
responsibility for strengthening undergraduate programs, particularly those
that cross disciplinary boundaries in and with science and mathematics in
general, and neuroscience specifically.

Please feel free to contact any of the members of the Faculty for
Undergraduate Neuroscience Workshop Planning Committee!

Alo Basu, College of the Holy Cross (phone: 508-793-3750;
abasu at holycross.edu

Irina Calin-Jageman, Dominican University (phone: 708-524-6596;
icalinjageman at dom.edu)

Robert Calin-Jageman, Dominican University (phone: 708-524-6581;
rcalinjageman at dom.edu)

Jason Chan, Cornell University (phone: 317-955-6458; jchan at marian.edu

Bruce Johnson, Cornell University (phone: 607-254-4323 or 607-254-4351;
brj1 at cornell.edu)

Barbara Lom, Co-Host, Davidson College (phone: 607-254-4323 or
607-254-4351; brj1 at cornell.edu

Julio Ramirez, Co-Host, Davidson College (phone: 607-254-4323 or
607-254-4351; brj1 at cornell.edu

Eric Wiertelak, Committee Chair, Macalester College (phone: 651-696-6111;
wiertelak at macalester.edu)

Eric P. Wiertelak Ph.D.
DeWitt Wallace Professor and Chair of Psychology
Macalester College
1600 Grand Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105
651-696-6111 (office)
651-696-6348 (fax)
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