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The Council on Undergraduate Research does offer external review services – the psychology division does, and biology probably does.  www.cur.org<http://www.cur.org>

At Wabash College, faculty (campus wide, not just in psych) are expected to participate in community activities, but not all of them.  The faculty realize that there are just too many things to do on campus (including sports, concerts, plays, fraternity faculty dinners), and we need to get teaching/grading and scholarship done (the students don’t always realize this – or don’t always realize that we need to sleep and spend time on our personal lives/families).  So we are expected to go to some events.  Admissions events perhaps have a bit higher expectation, just because that is how we get our students and thus our future salaries – maybe more-so here because we have a small student body (<900 across all four years), so every freshman that we recruit is important.  (And for those who don’t know, Wabash has an all-male student body, hence no sorority dinners, and freshMAN is an appropriate term.)

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Here is a question to the FUN listserv posted by Adrienne Betz.  Please respond back to her at: adriennebetz at gmail.com<mailto:adriennebetz at gmail.com>

Dear all,
I am seeking advice on two distinct but related PUI departmental matters.
1) How does one discover colleagues that are experts or have extensive experience as external reviewers? word of mouth? Is there a data base or academic service that connects departments with appropriate reviewers? We are planning a self study next year and I am looking to compile a list of potential external reviewers.
2) Service requirements: Is anyone willing to share with me their written and/or unwritten rules or culture about departmental service specifically in regards to attendance at a) open houses b) admitted students day c) graduation d) school or departmental wide BBQ/picnics e) orientations d) evening events etc etc. Please PM me if easier to discuss privately.
Thank you!

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