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Thu Jul 9 15:00:02 EDT 2020

Good afternoon all,
I hope this message finds you all well and, perhaps, with some idea of what will be happening at your institution this fall.

Crowd-sourcing question:  I would like to include a table in an upcoming manuscript submission (yes, of course to JUNE) on Regional Research Conferences that are favorable to undergraduate research presentations (talks or posters), or might even be just undergraduate conferences.  I know of some, SYNAPSE, MidBrains, NEURON, PA Academy of Sciences, that are not in my actual region, but I’m sure there are others and I’d love to know their names. I am not interested in knowing if you host a symposium at your own institution, however, as this is to help the readers find outlets for their student’s work.

Please email your responses directly to me: ajstavnezer at wooster.edu<mailto:ajstavnezer at wooster.edu>.

Thanks for the help and take good care!
Amy Jo

Amy Jo Stavnezer, PhD
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