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Monica Linden Monica_Linden at brown.edu
Sun Mar 8 21:29:24 EDT 2020

How big is your class? These are all great ideas, but I still worry about
collaboration, looking up the primary source, etc.

If our University makes us go online, I'm considering one-on-one oral exams
where they would have to basically do the reverse journal club idea but on
video with me. Would that work for your class size?

On Sun, Mar 8, 2020, 7:10 PM Judith Ogilvie <judith.ogilvie at slu.edu> wrote:

> I'm scheduled to give an exam next week, right after spring break. I was
> finishing my first draft of the exam when I realized that many of the
> students should probably be self-quarantined when they return to campus, so
> now I'm trying to think about alternative ways to finish the semester....
> or at least get through the next week. An open-book or on-line exam seems
> like a great alternative, but I have never written an open-book exam before
> and am not sure how to think about it. Does anyone have specific and/or
> constructive suggestions? It seems like students could google any question
> I might ask that addresses content learning objectives. A bunch of
> open-ended essay questions seems like a nightmare to grade, so if that is
> what you have done, suggestions about rubrics and how to make grading
> easier are also needed. This is an upper-level class with 30 students on
> Neurobiology of Disease.
> Thanks,
> Judy O
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