[FUN_Mail] How do you calculate teaching responsibility?

Judith Ogilvie judith.ogilvie at slu.edu
Sun Mar 8 22:52:00 EDT 2020

Lots of us are dealing with defining workload now, so we are all eager to see the results of this survey. Justification of workload for labs can be particularly challenging if the administrators and bean counters don't fully understand what is involved in teaching a lab course. I noticed a comment wondering about the origins of the 1CR for 3 hour lab. My understanding (and others may know differently - so please feel free to correct me) is that a 3CR lecture comes with the expectation that, for every 50 min of class time, students spend 3x50 min outside of class each week doing the reading, studying, doing assignments, etc. A 1CR lab expects that students spend 3 hours in the lab and 1 hour outside the lab each week, completing the lab notebook or studying for exams or presentations. In this scenario, students receive the same number of credit hours for equivalent work.

If one also assumes that a faculty member spends 3x50 min prepping a 50 min lecture (including writing & grading exams, papers, etc), then a four course teaching load (historically considered full time teaching load, I think) would be 40 hours/week. (Forget about that 20% effort for service, somewhere along the way that got added on top since none of us work 40hr/week anyway).

It is preposterous to think that a faculty member could prepare, set up, and clean up labs, grade lab notebooks and exams, etc. in one hour/week outside the classroom. If TAs are available to help with some of those responsibilities, then add in the time it takes to hire and supervise the TAs.

-Judy O

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Hello all,

A few of us at UCSD are curious about how teaching responsibility is calculated across laboratory and lecture courses at other institutions. If you don?t mind, we would appreciate if you took a moment to fill out this quick survey (and you?ll be able to see the current results once it is completed, if you?re curious!).



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