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Dear Colleagues,

UCLA is going to online instruction at least for a while. For those of you
in a similar situation, the following digital labs are available for free
courtesy of a grant from the National Science Foundation. We tried to make
these plug-and-play, but you may need to create an instructor account to
get to some of the materials--just contact us for that or with questions.

All materials are at https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/

[image: Bioinformatics Logo]
*Module:*  Bioinformatics/Neuroinformatics

*Developed by Dr. Jackson Beatty and Dr. William Grisham*

Image library, student manual, and links to resources to quantify brain
phenotype and perform a Quantitative Trait Locus analysis linking variation
in the phenotype with chromosomal loci.
[image: Bird Song System Logo]
<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/birdsong>*Module:*  Bird Song System

*Developed by Dr. William Grisham*

Image library of songbird nuclei—Area X, HVC, and RA—allowing comparisons
examining sex differences and effects of various doses of estrogen given to
females in posthatch development.

[image: Gel Scramble Logo] <https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/gel>
*Module:*  Gel Scramble <https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/gel>

*Developed by Dr. William Grisham & Dr. James R. Boulter*

Unscramble the data and solve the puzzle of the mystery gel.

[image: Rat SCIA Logo] <https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/ratscia>
*Module:*  Rat SCIA (Spinal Cord Image Archive)

*Developed by Dr. William Grisham, Heidi Jones & Sun Hee Park*

Image library of spinal cord motoneurons for analyzing sex differences and
effects of prenatal antiandrogens on these neurons.  Includes a PDF of an
article describing the use of this image library (Grisham, W., Jones, H.
B., & Park, S. H. (2003).

[image: Fraidy Rat Logo] <https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/frat>
*Module:*  Fraidy Rat <https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/frat>

*Developed by Dr. Franklin Krasne*

Free and complete software providing experience with anatomical and
physiological bases of fear-learning in a computer-simulated rat.  Student
manuals also provided.

See the *Fraidy Rat Module* <https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/frat> for
more information.

[image: Structural MRI of Amygdala Logo Small]
<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/smri>*Module:*  Structural MRI

*Developed by Dr. William Grisham*

Quantify the brain and select structures (e.g. amygdalae, hippocampi,
thalami) in MRI scans of various patients.

See the *Structural MRI Module*
<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/smri> for
more information.

[image: Comparative Neuroanatomy Logo Small (191 x 142)]
*Module:*  Comparative Neuroanatomy

*Developed by Dr. William Grisham*

Quantify the hippocampus and associated brain region in numerous mammal
species, and compare volumes by animal order.

[image: Swimmy Logo]*Module:*  Swimmy

*Developed by Dr. Franklin Krasne*

Free and complete software providing experience with neurophysiological
phenomena and mechanisms of motor pattern generation in virtual neural
circuits.  Student manuals also provided.

-*Runs on Windows **and Mac (OS X 10.5.8 or later)*-

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