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Thanks Bill!  That’s super timely!  Stay safe out there everyone.  Cheers, Matt Kittelberger

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Dear Colleagues,

UCLA is going to online instruction at least for a while. For those of you in a similar situation, the following digital labs are available for free courtesy of a grant from the National Science Foundation. We tried to make these plug-and-play, but you may need to create an instructor account to get to some of the materials--just contact us for that or with questions.

All materials are at https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/

[Bioinformatics Logo]<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/bioinformatics>
Module:  Bioinformatics/Neuroinformatics
Developed by Dr. Jackson Beatty and Dr. William Grisham
Image library, student manual, and links to resources to quantify brain phenotype and perform a Quantitative Trait Locus analysis linking variation in the phenotype with chromosomal loci.
[Bird Song System Logo]<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/birdsong>Module:  Bird Song System
Developed by Dr. William Grisham
Image library of songbird nuclei—Area X, HVC, and RA—allowing comparisons examining sex differences and effects of various doses of estrogen given to females in posthatch development.

[Gel Scramble Logo]<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/gel>
Module:  Gel Scramble<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/gel>
Developed by Dr. William Grisham & Dr. James R. Boulter
Unscramble the data and solve the puzzle of the mystery gel.

[Rat SCIA Logo]<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/ratscia>Module:  Rat SCIA (Spinal Cord Image Archive)<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/ratscia>
Developed by Dr. William Grisham, Heidi Jones & Sun Hee Park
Image library of spinal cord motoneurons for analyzing sex differences and effects of prenatal antiandrogens on these neurons.  Includes a PDF of an article describing the use of this image library (Grisham, W., Jones, H. B., & Park, S. H. (2003).

[Fraidy Rat Logo]<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/frat>
Module:  Fraidy Rat<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/frat>
Developed by Dr. Franklin Krasne
Free and complete software providing experience with anatomical and physiological bases of fear-learning in a computer-simulated rat.  Student manuals also provided.
See the Fraidy Rat Module<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/frat> for more information.

[Structural MRI of Amygdala Logo Small]<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/smri>Module:  Structural MRI<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/smri>
Developed by Dr. William Grisham
Quantify the brain and select structures (e.g. amygdalae, hippocampi, thalami) in MRI scans of various patients.
See the Structural MRI Module<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/smri> for more information.

[Comparative Neuroanatomy Logo Small (191 x 142)]<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/cna>
Module:  Comparative Neuroanatomy<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/cna>
Developed by Dr. William Grisham
Quantify the hippocampus and associated brain region in numerous mammal species, and compare volumes by animal order.

[Swimmy Logo]Module:  Swimmy<https://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/modules/swimmy>
Developed by Dr. Franklin Krasne
Free and complete software providing experience with neurophysiological phenomena and mechanisms of motor pattern generation in virtual neural circuits.  Student manuals also provided.
-Runs on Windows and Mac (OS X 10.5.8 or later)-

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