[FUN_Mail] Animal Behavior videos for annotation?

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Not exactly the kind of animal behavior videos that Ken was asking about, but if anyone needs videos for a behavioral pharmacology lab, I have a bunch of rat videos on my private YouTube channel from my Psychopharmacology lab last year that I can share:  forced swim test with fluoxetine, two behavioral tests with caffeine and caffeine withdrawal - novel object recognition and social interaction - I have activity also, but those aren't uploaded, and I think I have elevated plus maze under opioid withdrawal.

Not all the results will turn out matching predictions, of course (students ran the experiments and they're not perfect!), but they can give them good experience coding behavior and analyzing real data.

Email me if you're interested.


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Does anyone have videos of animal behavior that they need annotated or would make accessible for students to practice recording ethograms?  We're looking for substitutions for the lab portion of our Animal Behavior course.  We normally have field trips to the LA Zoo, but it's closed, as are all zoos and aquariums.  Many web cams based in zoos seem to be off line.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


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