[FUN_Mail] Plans for graduate students? Relevant open data sets?

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Dear all,
I hope everyone is holding up during this crazy time!
Now that my classes are stable and my lab is shut down I am turning my attention to my graduate students. I realize not everyone on this listserv has graduate students so please disregard. I can even set up a small group to chat about this if it is easier.

How are programs handling their grad students?
It seems to me that PhD projects or Masters projects will have to be adjusted to keep students close to being on track (lots of good info here<https://www.cogr.edu/institutional-and-agency-responses-covid-19-and-additional-resources>, here<https://www.cogr.edu/sites/default/files/COGR%20FAQs%20on%20COVID-19%20Impact%20on%20Federal%20Awards%20V.1.1.pdf> and countless other sites) . Particularly hard hit, I think, will be masters projects since they are shorter in duration.
I need help thinking of ways to complement our data sets as most of my students were in the midst of running Western Blots, immuno staining etc. I had to have one student exit the lab while doing a transfer. That data will be lost for sure.

Any open data sets that might be useful for a molecular based project? I am rodent researcher looking at inflammation in the hippocampus.
Anybody need some cell counting if they have large image files (in my case of the rodent hippocampus)?
I have even started work with flies. Perhaps there are open data sets I don't know about?


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