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Judith Ogilvie judith.ogilvie at slu.edu
Sat Oct 10 19:17:59 EDT 2020

Our neuroscience degree requires students to complete at least one biology lab course from a list of electives. Currently all of our scheduled lab courses for Spring 2021 include a required in person component. My students that are online only are starting to get very nervous about graduating on time. The university has promised that they will do "something," but nobody has said what and, if they only offer summer alternatives, that could be a problem for students that need to work full time during the summer.

I would appreciate it if you can share information if your department is offering online lab courses that may have extra seats and would be appropriate to fulfill this requirement, especially for Spring enrollment, but also for Summer '21.

Please send:
Name of college or university
Course name and number
When it will be taught (spring or summer or both)
catalog description, if you've got it.

Many thanks,
-Judy O

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